How to Sell in Comments on a Blog

If you have a blog you should consider using the sell in comments feature. There are two great advantages to doing this. First of all it allows you to make more money because people actually respond to your comments. You don’t have to wait for someone to leave a comment before you respond. Learn more about Social media marketing from comment sold. It’s a very simple process and if you want to sell in comments then you should get started today!

There are two great methods you can use to earn cash from these comments on your website. The first one is to sell commission-based affiliate products which works really well if you sell high-ticket items that people actually need and the second method to make cash with those comments is to sell services as a marketer. The first method to sell in comments is much easier to do than the second. It’s harder because you have to engage in conversation with a bunch of random people, but it can be done.

You just need to find companies that offer affiliate programs through blogs. You’ll then need to register an account with them so that you can sell their products on your website. Make sure you put a link pointing back to the companies’ sales page so that readers will see how they can order the product.

To sell in comments you need to put either your URL or a redirect to a product/service page on your site. When you place your link in the post, it will be picked up by search engines so they can send visitors to the product sales page. To sell in comments you need to make sure the product/service has a picture of it so that readers will be attracted to the sales page and click through to buy.

If you are commenting on a blog, make sure you provide useful information. Don’t just say “here’s my affiliate link”. Provide real information related to the post and add a resource box. This will instantly draw people into clicking your links. Visit this site to get more info about Social media marketing. When you place your URL in the comment you don’t want to use html instead use a simple text link that directs the reader straight to the company’s website.

There are many websites online where you can sell in comments, but the best ones I’ve found are blogmaster discussion boards. Blogs are a great way to promote your website and sell either one or multiple affiliate products. To sell in comments simply register an account with the blog’s owner and start making comments. It really is that easy! Learn more from

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